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Traumatic Brain Injury and Spinal Cord Pathways Program

The medical professionals at Soteria Home Health Care have the training, education, and expertise to effectively treat even the most complex brain and spinal cord injury patients.

Acquiring or sustaining a traumatic brain or spinal cord injury can be devastating to the individual, family members and all loved ones. These types of injuries can change the person and the way they live their lives in a matter of seconds. An injury of this nature affects who they are, the way they think, act, and feel. These changes can be temporary or permanent, and may cause impairment or a complete inability to perform and function.

The process of recovering from a TBI/spinal cord injury can be complex and lengthy. Clients and families are confronted with many new terms and many more obstacles. Recovery is a gradual process that can take weeks or years. The most rapid gains in functioning occur in the first 6 to 12 months after the injury. However, gains in function can be made long after the client stabilizes from a neurological standpoint. Such gains in function can be made by increasing awareness of post-injury changes, by learning how to compensate for difficulties, and by other interventions that allow people with brain/ spinal cord injuries to maximize their independence.

Soteria Home Health Care will be there every step of the way. Our team of registered nurses and other staff will be in the unique position to be able to monitor changes in health and condition. These changes are quickly discussed with the client’s physicians and other health care professionals.

Sustaining a traumatic injury does not mean the person can no longer enjoy or participate in some of the activities they took part in pre-injury. Our Pathways Program provides the means to integrate these events back into daily living. Reintroducing these activities is an important aspect of improving the quality of life of our clients. Assisting clients in these activities helps maximize their independence.

Resources for Traumatic Brain Injury