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Soteria Success Stories

At Soteria Home Health Care we take pride in compassionate and quality patient care. Our patients and their families are speaking up about their experience and the level of care they receive with our team of professionals. Many patients receive services from our Pathways Program for traumatic brain injury. 

"My son was injured in an auto accident and sustained a Traumatic Brain Injury, he was only 22. Soteria worked hard to find staff who could help him enjoy his young adulthood. I will be forever grateful."

-Nancy S.

"Falling asleep at the wheel caused me to have a bad accident which led to my traumatic brain and spinal cord injury in 2006. I have used 7 different agencies since my accident. It wasn't until I found Soteria that I realized what i have been missing. The constant communication has taken a burden off of me and my family"

-Tim Q.

"My car accident was life changing, it left me with a spinal cord injury. Having 3 kids under the age of 6 I was very nervous about who would be coming to my home. Soteria found staff who were not only experts in helping me, but also ones who had experience with children. My kids call most the staff their aunts now. Couldn't have worked out better."

-Erin T.

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